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Ppurchase tickets for Rhonda Richmond, April 18 at The Yellow Scarf Box Office! This is a BBYOS Event. Seating is limited!

Click the Buy Now button below to purchase tickets for Vanessa Rubin, April 19 at The Yellow Scarf! This is a BBYOS Event. Seating is limited!

Laurie Walker

On August 10, Yellow Scarf proudly presents Laurie Walker in concert. Please purchase your tickets here.

Multi-talented, vocalist, songwriter, producer, artist and motivator are all words that describe Laurie Danielle Walker. With a voice that is a gift from God, she sings with a message and hope that the world needs to hear. Laurie’s lyrics and songs will take you on a journey of growth through her life that has been filled with challenges, restoration, renewal and freedom.

Creative Collective

On May 3, Yellow Scarf proudly presents Creative Collective in concert. Please purchase your tickets here.

The Kidd Jordan/Joel Futterman/Al Fielder/William Parker/ Creative Collective is dedicated to exploring new directions in the art of “in the moment” collectively improvised music.  They combine skilled musicianship with a celebration of improvisational conversations that take the listener on musical journeys spanning the emotions and musical genres.

The Soft Targets

On October 4, Yellow Scarf presents The Soft Targets with Vince Johnston, Ky Johnston and Joey Plunkett. This duo performs covers and all new material, some tunes from the Paperclip Scientists' repertoire and features surprise guests. 

Cliff Hines

Cliff Hines is a progressive jazz guitarist and composer from New Orleans, LA. He attended the renowned arts high school NOCCA from 2003-2007 and later became a teacher there from 2007-2010. His quintet (all of whom are NOCCA alum) features vocalist Sasha Masakowski, drummer Paul Thibodeaux, bassist Jasen Weaver, and pianist Andrew McGowan. As a bandleader, he has toured as far as New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts (Harvard University), Texas (South by Southwest), Utah (The Orion Music Festival), and Oregon.

Teneia Sanders

Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, Teneia Sanders is quickly making a name for herself in the Indie music scene. Her angelic voice, unique guitar rhythms, and moving lyrics have helped to solidify her growing reputation as a truly gifted artist, one whose dedication is as strong as her music.

One of Teneia’s most recent pieces, Stand, earned a placement in the HBO documentary ‘Prom Night in Mississippi,’ featuring Morgan Freeman. Stand embodies Teneia’s ability as an artist to address deeply rooted social issues fearlessly and confidently.

Gregory Agid

Clarinetist Gregory Agid has called New Orleans his home for several years and is now breaking out as a member of the new generation of New Orleans jazz musicians, brandishing his clarinet in the air as he performs onstage before audiences--wielding it further into the modern mainstream of jazz. "The novelty of the clarinet kind of died off in jazz during the fifties when Charlie Parker became popular," Agid says. "Since then, clarinetists haven't greatly influenced the scene.

Brian Blade and The Fellowship Band

From about age nine to age thirteen, Brian Blade played violin in the school orchestra and continued to play until following in the footsteps of his older brother, Brady l. Blade, Jr. who played the drums in the Zion church. During high school both Brady, Jr. and Brian were students of Dorsey Summerfield, Jr. and performed as part of his professional group called “the Polyphonics”. During this time and through his experience with Mr. Summerfield, Brian began listening to the music of John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Art Blakey, Thelonious Monk, Elvin Jones, and Joni Mitchell. 


Scott Albert Johnson and Chalmers Davis

On April 6, Yellow Scarf, Mississippi premier listening room presents Scott Albert Johnson and Chalmers Davis in concert.

Scott Albert Johnson was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but was raised in Jackson, Mississippi. Johnson, a true renaissance man, left home at the age of 18 to attend Harvard University. Upon completing his undergraduate studies, he labored in the field of politics before deciding to pursue graduate coursework in the area of journalism at Columbia University.

Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry

Bill Perry, Sr. a/k/a Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry, was born in 1947 near Abbeville, MS in Tula, on land where his ancestors had worked as slaves. He was the son of moonshiner and farmer. His father gave Bill his first guitar which had been won game of dice. Bill went to the same one-room school that his grandparents attended. Bill was fourteen when his family moved to Chicago. Bill hit the road as a professional musician at the age of seventeen. His travels have carried him all over the US, throughout the world and then back home again to Mississippi.